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Does any of this ring a bell?

Opening the front door is like playing roulette

Having guests over is just...stressful

Strong desire to have a well trained dog, but looking things up online is also, stressful

Your dog is mouthy, rude and doesn't seem to have "manners" in your home

Walks tend to look more like you're heading to a dog-sledding competition than a leisurely stroll

Your dog can be fearful of loud noises, unknown objects and new places

Your dog has selective hearing,  or won't listen without treats

You're at your witts-end with "insert problem behavior" and you need help

Or maybe, you have a great dog but you just need some guidance to make them even greater!

We've been there, and we're here to help!

Our Programs

Puppy Board + Train

Crate training, potty training, introduction to commands, proper socialization...your puppy will get an amazing start on life during their board + train program!

2 Week, 3 Week or 4 Week options.

Adult Board + Train

You deserve to live the life you dreamed of with your dog- our board + train programs will help you both get there!

2.5 Week, 3 Week and 4 Week options.

Puppy Lesson Package

5 private lessons done at our location will get you off on the right paw with your new puppy!

The Homegrown Dog was started with the goal of bridging the gap in communication and understanding between owners and their dogs. We're here to help owners instill confidence and calm in their four-legged family members. Our relationship-based training is focused on improving your life AND your dog's life too!

The journey may start with us, but true + lasting change in your dog will be grown from home!



"After years of struggling with our dog's behavioral issues (pulling on walks, counter surfing, poor recall, disobeying commands); we obviously needed to make some changes. Emily has been a huge help working with our dog Cass, who is starting to become a much better behaved pet thanks to Emily's guidance and knowledge. We tried to use the internet as a training source when our dog was a puppy, but without an experienced trainer we never seemed to make enough progress. Emily has been very reliable and always makes herself available to answer any questions. She's clearly amazing with dogs and our fluff loves her."

- Chris + Lila

"Emily is fantastic. She trained both our dogs, one at just over a year and the other just over 6 months. We opted for the 3 week board and train for both of them and they came back with new skills that they can actually apply in all settings! We had a midway session and a go-home session, but Emily always kept us updated daily, with pictures. We definitely recommend her services and I honestly feel the 3 week route is the best one for most pups and owners to really get the most of all the tools and new skills!"

- Savannah

"We left Oliver with Emily for a two week board and train and although we were nervous she kept us at ease. Kept us updated on his progress, sent pictures, kept her social media updated and taught Oliver so so much. He learned how to walk on a leash properly, place, down and simple commands. and for the first time we ever we were able to take him to dinner with us and he stayed on his cot for the full two hours we were there and it was a crazy busy night with lots of people and animals and he did amazing. Emily will be our board and train from here on out with Oliver and I would highly recommend her to anyone needing help with their fur baby."

- Erica

Ready to make a change for the better with your dog?

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Dog training isn't one size fits all...

Our relationship-based training approach is designed to give you and your dog the tools you BOTH need to succeed. Board + Train programs are NOT magic! They are an amazing jump-start for you and your pup, but you will still have to keep up with training once you're back at home.

When it comes to tools, we believe in using e-collars, prong collars and slip leashes.

Every dog is different, so the tool will depend on both the owner and the dog!
However the one tool that is a constant for every dog we train, is a crate. 

Crate training is an INVALUABLE skill that every dog that comes to us will learn and utilize!


"Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen."

Orhan Pamuk

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