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Dalmatian Dog

Frequently Asked

  • What type of dogs do you work with?
    We will work with any breed, any age! HOWEVER, PLEASE NOTE: We do not work with any kind of aggression (dog or human), resource guarding, or cases of extreme separation anxiety.
  • What training equipment do you use?
    Whatever tool will work best for the dog and the owner! I do not believe in limiting the quality of life of your dog or you as the owner by limiting what tools, techniques, or methods I will use. Some dogs require E-collar training, others require prong collar training, some require both, and others do better with a slip leash. Some require no correctional collars at all! Because training is personalized to your goals and what your dog needs, tools are chosen on a case-by-case basis.
  • What is a Board and Train program like?
    Great question! Your dog will stay with Emily for the full 2-3 week program signed up for. A "Midway" session is scheduled halfway through your dog's program to help start to teach you, the owner, what your dog has learned so far! Once the program comes to an end, a "Go Home" session is scheduled to send your pup back to you with all the tools, teachings, and guidance you both need to be as successful as possible. During their stay dogs will be kenneled overnight for their safety. During any kind of outing, your dog will be transported in Emily's SUV, safely crated in a Ruffland Kennel. Owners will receive scheduled updates throughout their dog's entire stay.
  • What will life look like after the Board & Train?
    Life will be long as you make it good! A Board and Train is an incredible tool to help jump-start your dog's training, but like our website says; real and lasting change is grown from home. It will feel overwhelming at first to some, and that's totally normal! But you and your pup will be sent home with a wealth of new knowledge and tools to get you through it. Just remember there is no such thing as magic, and dog training is definitely no exception. It will require work, but it's BEYOND worth it!
  • Do I need to bring anything for my dog's Board and Train?
    Yes! Absolutely. There isn't much we need, but there are a few things! -Enough food for the entire stay (feel free to just send their whole bag- that's much easier for everyone!) -A favorite toy or two -A leash Owners who sign up for a Board & Train will receive a more complete breakdown of what their pup will and will not need with them for their stay!
  • Do you have any products you recommend?
    Yes absolutely! Here are a few of my favorites and their links. Prong Collars: Whatever retailer you purchase them from, make SURE they are Herm Sprenger brand. Be cautious when buying from Amazon. We shop ours at Slip Leash: Not all slip leashes are created equal, here are a few of our favorites! Raised Dog Cots: You can get these just about anywhere! Amazon has some great, affordable options. Collars/Gear: We love Tactipup! They have such fun customizable collar options (plus other cool stuff!) for any dog. Training Vest: We LOVE a good statement training vest to help communicate with the public when we're out with our dogs! Treat Pouch: This is Emily's FAVORITE treat pouch she has ever used, so much so that she reached out to the company for a code for friends to use! Trust us, it's a worth it! Use code "Emily10" at checkout for 10% off!

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